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Rapid Resolution Therapy™

I can recommend RRT to anyone that has felt that their life has been and/or is being limited by unwanted emotions. I have found this to be a powerful and permanent solution to alleviate the feelings that have kept me from experiencing my life more fully. For years I had built my life around avoiding situations and experiencing relationships because of experiences in my youth that left me afraid and anxious. Growing up and holding on to that fear made me focus on avoiding a lot of what makes us who we are as adults. -experience. As a result, from my teens I have had bouts of depression and anxiety that I had learned to deal with. Drugs were not the answer for me. So my focus was on understanding why I had these feeling and trying to deal with them on a conscious level. And then, at 43 years of age I ran across some information on RRT and decide to look into it more. I'm very glad I did. From my teens until into my 40's I had dealt with depressive cycles in my life and constant feelings of anxiety and uneasiness in social situations. Since my therapy session, I have not had any bouts of depression......GONE!!! and the constant anxiety that I had become so accustomed to has vanished. This is definitely a powerful approach to alleviating limitations caused by emotional discordance.

Thank you again Susan
Love and Blessings, Sean

For me RRT felt like I had stepped out of the dark ages (years of therapy), and into the light of the Renaissance (RRT).
I arrived at my session with Susan feeling heavy, dark and nervous. Nervous about whether this would work or not. Heavy, dark and weary of carrying so much mental luggage filled with old chipped bricks and clothes that don’t fit. I left the session feeling lighter, and that something felt very different. The next morning I awoke with clarity, energy, felt loose, unencumbered, something had been unyoked. I feel my primitive brain is synced to my everyday modern brain. Plumbing and electricity were hooked up.

I locked away all of my arrogance, skepticism, and hubris in my office that night. It was not the time to challenge or to block this partnership. This was my time to absorb, listen, think, respond, and re-create myself. It was my time to rewire the way I process the things I see, hear and feel.

During the session there were times where things didn’t make sense to me. Susan would verbally or visually rephrase and redirect the issue until I understood them. When I felt a re-emergence of some old stuff coming back into the session, I told her, and we took after it from a different angle.

The better the cut the better the diamond handles light to create sparkle. The cut is the single most important factor affecting a diamond’s brilliance. Susan knows just how to handle the gemstone to create and re-create its brilliance. You are that gemstone.

I am a Wall Street investment advisor for twenty years. One of the most important words of my lexicon is Rate of Return. I am keeping a list of all of the stuff that comes up throughout the day, personal or professional, and rate them easier, same, harder - post RRT. Every single one has been easier. My rate of return is drop dead remarkable.

- Kevin

Just thought I would give you a little update on what has happened out here. Took my fiance for a 10 mile round hike to 1 of my favorite places in the mountains. Then surprised her with a ring, and she said yes before thinking it over. She has not changed her mind yet, so all is a go.

Thank you for helping me find a new way to think about life!

- Dennis

PS. My fiance says thank you also very much.

You need to know that the work that you do is truly amazingly AWESOME!!!!!  After one session with you… it was absolutely life changing for me.  It certainly changed my way of viewing life and the people around us.  Being a victim of trauma, I only wish I had made an appointment sooner, however the fact that after three long years, it was apparent that my way of coping wasn’t working, therefore the results that you made in my life over night is simply so obvious to me and even my friends around me notice the difference in me.  Truly life altering.

I am strong, wise, and free to choose my thoughts in a way that warms my heart gives me the peace and relaxation that I required to feel healthy and happy with NO FEAR. ~ Thank you!!!! Definitely a different approach with amazing life changing RESULTS!!!  I would highly recommend your services and encourage anyone who’s frustrated and so tired of feeling robbed of oneself… to reach out and make that call… schedule an appointment with Susan… She opens the door of life within.  Again simply amazing work she does.  

- Elsie

I began Rapid Trauma Resolution therapy with Susan because I was very stressed out due to a difficult and painful medical condition. Life stress was making the pain much worse. Working with Susan has helped me cope much better with my medical condition and with stress in general. I have also learned to manage the pain better and to take better care of myself. Susan has successfully cleared away difficult emotions that I have carried for many, many years. The therapy was a pleasant experience and it seemed practically effortless (unlike other therapies I have tried in the past). Susan is wise and healing words have replaced dysfunctional thoughts and beliefs. Also, as a result of this therapy, my startle response has gotten much better (I used to startle and respond with fear to every day stimuli. In fact, a ceiling fan came crashing down right next to me one day in the kitchen and I was totally calm). The positive effects of this therapy continue to accrue. I have noticed additional benefits such as increased inner peace and a deepening of my spirituality.

Maria del Carmen, PhD


Grief / Depression

I just read my initial email to you and am amazed that I wrote that!  You've, somehow, changed my whole prospective. I can't thank you enough.  , I am just glad that you spend your time helping others as you have me.

Thanks again,
- Suzanne 

Today would have been my Mother's 82nd birthday and I always have good thoughts of her and not the thoughts of her in the hospital like we had talked about.  I think of her often and that time in her life does not bother me like it did.  Thank you so much for help with that problem.

- Debbie

Susan, thank you for helping me and my family. You assisted me in obtaining immediate relief from the grief over the death of my father. Now I can remember my Dad fondly without feeling any pain. That means a lot to me. Also, in just one session of hypnotherapy for my food addictions, you have made it possible for me to make the right food choices. The first morning I got up and thought of the proper foods for my breakfast. It was automatic. There was no flip-flopping over whether to eat the nutritious, healthy foood or the junk. I was able to go to a party that had all kinds of decadent foods, and I didn’t even give them a second thought. I went only for the healthy choice, and it was the most delicious tasting celery I have ever had. There was no longing or sense of loss over the hgh calorie, fatty, sugary foods that I would have normally felt. There was no feeling of being denied a treat. This has been the most liberating experience, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- Esther

My mother had died suddenly, and I felt like my world had ended, that I was no longer able to function. Susan has helped me re-train my brain. I walked into her office unable to handle life. Three hours later I walked out of there able to handle any of life's challenges prepared. It was truly life-changing.

- Jean

I would like to start by thanking Susan. I was at a point in my life where I was convinced no one would be able to help me. I thought I was going to be sad for the rest of my life. I had been to every type of counseling or therapy, and I hated it all. Her therapy was unlike anything I had imagined. The process was so simple. I no longer have that weight on my heart that I had carried around for years.

>- Erin

I’d been living in a not-so-nice life for 44 years. I had given up hope until I met Susan and had a 3 hour session with her. She is amazing. She is so professional and she is so good at what she does. She makes you see that whatever happened in the past is in the past and it doesn’t matter anymore. We get stuck in the past and we dwell on it, but she makes you see that it can change forever. She makes you see life in a different, BEAUTIFUL way. You can go on no matter what the obstacles are. I’d been going for help all my life, and it worked a little bit, but nothing compared to what Susan did for me. Thank you, Susan.

- Bernie

Sue is an outstanding person and the program that she uses is outstanding and it works great. It has helped free my mind of past issues, and I feel great because of it.

- Bill

Anxiety / Fears

Seeing you for the session in November was the best thing I could have done.  I wish I had known about the therapy years ago.  I still have positive results from the therapy and am happily amazed.  I sleep better than I have in years. 
Interestingly, for the first few weeks, I didn't remember dreams at all.  Good dreams came back.  Only once has an attacker popped up in my dream.  He popped up so quickly, then I thought to myself, "you're not supposed to be here" and poof, he was gone like I changed the channel! 
I sleep much better and deeper than before.  Fear is gone, which is great.

- Danielle

Susan is terrific. I feel like a different woman. I don’t suffer from past guilt, anxiety, or fear, as I did before our sessions. I am lighter, more productive, and more at peace. The cool thing about Susan’s techniques is that she helps individuals to clear past grievances and unveil a new way of looking at situations. I now have a better relationship with myself and have experienced so much deeper connection and joy in my relationships with my boyfriend and my parents.

- Logan

The help that I got from Susan was amazing– it was something that was life-changing for me.

After an incident that happened to our family, I felt a lot of anger , fear and terror. But after the session with Susan I felt peaceful, calm, and tranquil. I never thought that something like this would ever happen to us, and I never thought that therapy would work, until I experienced it myself. I would never wish what happened to me to happen to anyone else, but I am grateful for the therapy with Susan, and I would encourage others in a similar situation to benefit from it also.

- Joanna

A couple of months ago, my family and I experienced something that we never thought would happen to us. It was a terrifying experience. Seeing my mother and sisters in fear for their lives was something unforgettable. For days I couldn’t eat or sleep and I was in constant fear. At first I was unsure how Susan could help me, but the session took about three hours, and during that time I started feeling calm, safe, and at peace. It all seemed too easy, and I was skeptical after I left the session. But that night I fell asleep quickly and slept peacefully. The next day seemed like a totally new beginning for my life. I can now talk about what happened without feeling upset or angry. Susan really worked magic!

- Monica

Talking with Susan comes so easily. She’s made me realize that I can’t obsess over what happened in the past. The therapy that she uses has been extremely successful.

- Steven

I found Susan’s approach in suggesting alternatives to how an individual perceives certain situations to be extremely helpful in how I deal with everyday challenges.

- Kim


Subsatance Abuse

Just thought I'd let you know I am doing great. I have figured out what triggers me to eat things that are less than excellent. I avoid those things and places. I also noted that when I played some music I used to listen to when I ate the most healthy while I was making healthy food, it brought back old feelings of those times that helped reinforce it.

I feel happier than I could ever have imagined. The future looks so much brighter to me now. Thanks for all your help and kindness.

With warm regards,
- Esther

Susan, I’m the happiest person in the world. I haven’t even thought about drinking; it doesn’t even occur to me. Before, it was the first thing on my mind when I woke up. Now it doesn’t even occur to me. Even yesterday, which was a little stressful, I thought about it, but I didn’t do it.

Thank you so much!
- Anne

Susan helped me to re-process negative thoughts that I've been having for years. My wife and I are friends again and getting along better than ever. Thanks, Susan!

- Dan


Family / Relationships

Everything’s like unbelievably great. I know you hear this all the time, but its like “day 2, still happy, day 3, still happy. It’s amazing, and I’ve gotten my old self back; I’d almost forgotten who she was, and it feels so good. Thanks again, and my husband and daughter thank you a lot too!

- Nina

I feel so much better than we met.  I've been actively working with the tools you left me with and feel like they've made such a difference.  I've come to recognize that everything in life can't always be perfect, and am working really hard on accepting those little imperfections.  Thank you so much again for meeting with me and for all of your help! 

- Kristen

Hi Susan, Thank you! Whatever it is you do, it is really amazing. I can’t even begin to describe it. My boyfriend is here this morning and we have been talking about ‘things’ and he, with no hesitation, says he will absolutely come to see you. That is so good… for him first and obviously for us if that is how this path continues. I will give him your card, and you should be hearing from him soon.

- Carol

After only two hours of what seemed to be just talking things over with her, I was able to see things with a more clear mind, and consequently I was able to make better and faster conclusions not only about the situation I was in at that precise moment, but about anything. I now feel more confident and know that I can make good decisions, and that I do have good things to offer. I no longer doubt myself. At the end she helped me realize that I have been able to do this all along, I just never gave myself any credit.

This type of help is for anybody, no matter what the situation is; it feels like you are healing yourself with your own words.

- Jenny

This work offered me a simple and effective approach to regaining the emotional clarity, peace of mind, and victorious state of being that I was born with.

- Oren


 Childhood / Sexual Abuse / Traumatic Event

Thanks to Susan’s great work I was able to free myself from the hold of the past. I had been a victim since childhood and now am finally able to move on with my life and be the person and wife I am capable of being. Thank you Susan!

- Julie

Susan, thank you for helping me rid myself of the guilt, shame and embarrassment of my childhood sexual abuse that I carried around for 50+ years. The veil has been lifted and I see things much clearer. Those memories are out of my mind and well in the past. My personal life/marriage has improved dramatically. I hope others will benefit as I have.

- Anne

I was truly shocked that I would feel as good as I did so immediately, and that the feeling of well-being has stayed with me. You really did take what I was feeling AWAY.

- Jennifer

You don’t realize it’s working until the end, and you get a revelation like, wow, that really worked! And I’m the kind of guy who always thought I didn’t need help, I could handle things on my own. But it works. And I never would have thought that just talking like that would do it. It’s just helped me a lot.

- Joe


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