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Rapid Resolution Therapy

Rapid Resolution Therapy, developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, is absolutely the quickest, most efficient, life-changing approach to psychological healing.

What makes Rapid Resolution Therapy different?

Psychotherapy is the general term referring to the treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders.  Many forms of therapy include communication and insight-oriented approaches.   The aim of these therapies is to gain a greater awareness of oneself in order to resolve internal conflicts. This approach to therapy often takes anywhere between a few months to a few years of the clients putting effort and work into changing their thoughts, feelings and actions.  This has been helpful for some.  People typically learn to manage their disturbances and they learn techniques and tools to use when the feelings come up.

Rapid Resolution Therapy is a unique approach to therapy.  The client is free to just listen and try on a different way of looking at things.  Unlike with traditional therapy, it is NOT the client’s responsibility to change or to work on anything.  The therapist is the one who does the work.  Rapid Resolution therapists are trained to work with all parts of the mind, targeting the deeper part of the mind, where the troublesome automatic responses lie. In doing so, we provide effective therapy for our clients, eliminating the emotional pain at the root of the suffering.  This therapy is effortless and painless for the clients, who leave the sessions with a lightness and clarity perhaps never before experienced.

One of the things that makes Rapid Resolution Therapy so unique and interesting, is that it includes a number of elements, all geared toward deep and lasting clarity.  These elements include: Transformational communication, rapid trauma resolution, frozen grief resolution and dynamic hypnotherapy, all of which aid in shifting the mind’s response toward the desired end.

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