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Rapid Resolution Therapy

Susan Wolfson, LCSW Individual Therapy

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Rapid Resolution Therapy, developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, is absolutely the quickest, most efficient, life-changing approach to psychological healing. The power in this method of therapy lies in its ability to influence all parts of the mind, so that the mind works in the way that is desired. Neither willpower nor effort is required, there is no “homework”, no exercises to practice in between sessions. In fact, therapy is often completed in just one session, typically lasting 3 hours. The amount of time is irrelevant, however. The importance is the healing, however long it takes.



Rapid Resolution Therapy consists of four parts:

  1. Transformational Communication– changes the way you look at thoughts and behaviors in order to see them clearly, without judgments or labels.

  2. Rapid Trauma Resolution– clears away the disturbing emotions that past events have continued to have on your mind.

  3. Frozen Grief Resolution– resolves the sadness associated with the death of a loved one and explains death in an entirely new, enlightening way.

  4. Dynamic Hypnotherapy– strengthens the therapeutic healing, allowing the subconscious mind to benefit exponentially from what the conscious mind already knows.

Susan Wolfson, LCSW Individual Therapy
(941) 962-0577

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